Deans Turf Supplies is Hunter Valleys premier grower and supplier of quality turf backed up with experience and care. We offer an affordable turf solution to a wide range of customers including schools, government, residential, commercial, vineyards, sports grounds and parks.

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Frequently Asked Questions….

What Size are the rolls of Turf?

Turf is measure in square metres. 1 Roll of Turf=1m2. The length is 2.2m and width is 450mm. The depth is approximately 30mm thick and when dry the rolls weigh 5-8kgs.

How long can I leave the turf rolls before laying?

Turf is a living plant so its best to get it down and watered as soon as possible.

When is the best time to lay your new lawn?

You can lay your lawn at any time of the year. A lawn put down In the warmer months will require more water and will take root quicker. In the cooler months, you will not need as much watering but it will take longer for the turf to establish itself.

What type of soil is best?

Most turf varieties enjoy a good quality organic turf underlay. Having a minimum soil base of 50mm is desirable.

When is it best to water?

Its best to water early in the morning so less water is lost due to evaporation. Deep watering less frequently will help your lawn become more drought tolerant.

Which variety of turf is “best”?

Unfortunately, there is no “best” variety. Each variety of turf has its own characteristics and its important to understand these differences to select the variety that best suits your needs

I have lots of shade in my yard, what type of lawn will best suit my yard?

You will need a shade tolerant lawn such as Pride Soft Leaf Buffalo. This lawn will perform in full sun and up to 80pc shade.

Are we able to come out to the farm and look at the turf?

Yes, inspections are very welcome by appointment.

Does Dean Turf Supplies lay the turf?

Yes, we supply and can lay the turf for our customers.
We do also have contacts should you require any assistance with site preparation.

How is our Turf delivered?

Turf is delivered on a Push-Off Pallet System with the aid of our tail-gate forklift. This enables us to get the turf as close to your site as possible and not leaving behind any messy pallets.

How much does turf cost?

The cost of turf will depend on the variety you choose. Please email or phone for advice and prices.

Do I need to order my turf?

Yes, turf is a perishable item with a short shelf life, therefore we only harvest to order.