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Lawn Care

Below is our advice for watering, mowing and fertilising your new lawn.


  New turf should be laid as soon as possible.
  Its important to thoroughly soak the turf and the soil underneath. This allows the roots below to hold into the moist dirt.
  The new lawn should be kept thoroughly soaked for the first couple of weeks until the turf has taken root in the soil. You can gently lift a corner of the turf to test if established.
  Please keep traffic to a minimum in this early stage of establishment.
  One the turf is established water accordingly to the weather conditions. The best time to water is early in the morning so less water is lost by evaporation.
  Its beneficial to give your lawn a less frequent and longer watering. This will allow the air down to the root s
ystem stimulating deeper root formation and thus creating a more drought resistant lawn.


  Your first mow should be just a light trim and done approximately 2-3 weeks after the laying of your new lawn.
  Ensure your mower is set on a higher setting as you don’t want to scalp and stress the lawn.
  Once you lawn is firmly established, mow it to a desirable height and maintain at this level.
  Never cut more than one third of the leaf at any given mow.


  It’s a good idea to fertilise your new lawn 4-5weeks after laying.
  Fertilising your lawn 3-4 times a year in the warmer months will keep your lawn healthy and looking great.
  Fertilise your lawn with a balanced plant food that contains nitrogen(N), phosphorus(P) and potassium(K).
  Always follow label instructions and water in well.