Deans Turf Supplies is Hunter Valleys premier grower and supplier of quality turf backed up with experience and care. We offer an affordable turf solution to a wide range of customers including schools, government, residential, commercial, vineyards, sports grounds and parks.

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Lawn Preparation

Follow our tips in preparation and your lawn will have a great start.

  When preparing your new lawn ensure the area is well drained and remove any existing weeds and vegetation.

  This can be done by spraying with a Glyphosate (Roundup). This will need to be sprayed 10-14 days prior to laying your new lawn.

  A good idea is to test your soil pH to make any corrections. You can do this by purchasing a Test Kit from your local nursery or hardware. If your soil is of a clay based Alkaline (pH 7.5 or higher ) adding some gypsum or sulfur will make improvements . If your soils pH is Acidic (pH 6.0 or under) you may need to add lime.

  Excavation may be required if your soil is very compacted or if the levels are too high.

  Ensure a good coverage of Top Soil is spread evenly or if using your existing soil, rake soil loosely and as evenly as possible. A good 2 inch base of soil is desirable.

Measuring the area for your new lawn.

The best way is to measure the length and width in metres and multiply them together to give you how many square metres of turf you will need.