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Deans Turf Supplies – Specialising in Kings Pride Leaf Buffalo and Kikuyu Lawns

Kings Pride Soft Leaf Buffalo

Kings Pride
Kings Pride
Deans Turf Supplies are proud to be the only licensed grower of Kings Pride Soft Leaf Buffalo Lawn in the Hunter Region. An outstanding Australian Lawn giving unmatched performance for our Australian Climate.

  Superior Quality Soft Leaf Buffalo Lawn which is nice and soft underfoot.
  Low Maintenance
  Excellent Wear and Recovery under Heavy Traffic
  Drought Tolerant
  Full Sun
  Excellent Shade Tolerance
  Excellent Frost Tolerance
  Great Winter Colour

When you purchase your Kings Pride Soft Leaf Buffalo Lawn you will receive a certificate of authenticity and quality you can rely on.


Kikuyu is a popular lawn due to its affordability. A fast growing broad leaf lawn which requires regular mowing in the warmer months.

  Grows in full sun and is not shade tolerant
  Good colour year round
  Requires a little more water in the hot weather to maintain its appearance
  Good wearing tolerance